Services We Offer Our Clients


At Robert Evans and Associates, we use annuities exclusively in all of our retirement income strategies.  We are currently licensed with over 20 insurance companies that offer a wide range of fixed-indexed and immediate income products.  All annuity deposits are backed by legal reserve deposits and the assets of each insurance company to provide you a level of safety that you currently do not have with variable or equity products.


Our philosophy with regards to retirement planning is to use products that have contractual guarantees which provide a guaranteed life-time income stream that you can never out live.  With the growing number of people moving into retirement each day, we feel that it is imperative to have guarantees in place when it comes to your retirement nest egg.

Estate Preservation

We offer estate preservation plans using life insurance as a tax-free transfer of assets upon death.  Using this type of planning, we are able to pass all financial assets to heirs 100% tax-free and free from probate and court costs.

Long-Term care

At Robert Evans and Associates, we address with all of our clients the risk of a long term illness.  If  not addressed properly in a financial plan, this can devastate your financial assets with a drain on your estate that can leave you on the brink of poverty.  We have a wide range of long – term insurance products to provide you protection from this risk.

Income tax planning

We also provide personal income tax planning with the goal of maximizing your investment returns by minimizing or eliminating unnecessary income taxes.  We can also provide you tax-free income in retirement which will reduce your overall tax that you pay on your income and social security benefits.

SS Maximization Benefits Anlaysis

As part of our retirement planning services, we provide a free analysis of your social security benefits. Taking social security is an important decision to make. Through inovated software, we help our clients how and when to claim social security so that it best fits their income needs.